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Yesterday, a couple of us were on the 210 freeway trying to make it home through the traffic. On the opposite side from a distance we could see the blaring red lights of fire trucks coming our way. An endless line passed us by…fire trucks coming from all over the state…Long Beach, Arcadia, Redding, some even from San Francisco. Who knows how long these men had been on the road and how many more hours they would be awake working to save lives and property. The “brotherhood” of these firemen…reaching out to help each other in time of need, risking their lives doing what has been entrusted to them…made quite an impact on us as we watched them drive by. And it strengthened our own resolve to be faithful to what’s been entrusted to us individually and communally…to let the “sisterhood” be a living reflection of the oneness to which we are called. God bless and reward our firemen!

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  1. J.M. + J.T.How beautiful, to see that dedication in men for a cause that Christ has called each and every one of us to–to love, to protect life, to instill hope! God bless all those in the effort to save lives and that which is the livelihood of many!

  2. JM + JTThe same happened to me the other day, here in Miami, in just seeing one firetruck rushing through traffic, with sounds and lights. I was able to see them inside the truck rushing to be ready. It sent shivers throughout my body.GOD BLESS THEM ALL!+ DiegoP.S. We’re praying for all of you over there.

  3. JM+JTWhat a beautiful revelation. Thank you for sharing!

  4. That makes you think about the important thing in the life. May God bless those brave men. Thank you for sharing Sister!

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