Advent: Christ’s Eternal Coming

By Sister Emma Luz, O.C.D.

Waiting, watching, waking with joyful anticipation for the Lord’s coming—this describes the season of Advent, the celebration of God’s coming to us in time. But this celebration is not just a remembrance of the expectation of Israel of the promised Messiah. As Christian’s we live in the reality of His coming, not just as a historical event but in the faith that He is NOW with us, and as God eternally comes to us. This time of Advent awakens the deeper longings of the human heart with a fresh awareness that Jesus came, as the Word made Flesh, but also is continually coming. His desire for union with us is continually moving in on us as “a Bridegroom coming forth from his bridal chamber.” His coming is a “now” event, seeking hearts to receive His love and to love Him in return.

The Church reminds us to “watch”…”stay awake”…”be cautious” …”vigilant”….”attentive”…”alert”….to the manifestations of His presence in our life—right now, at this very moment. Every recognition and acknowledgement of His presence and intimate involvement in our lives is an encounter with Him, a celebration of the consummation of His desire meeting ours.

Let us make every “Come, Lord Jesus” uttered during these days of preparation for his birth be a prayer of faith and love acknowledging His presence dwelling within— and there love and adore Him.

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  1. Praised be Jesus Christ!This is an extremely thoughtful blog and indeed a beautiful statement that assisted me in an Advent meditation this evening.Yes, be “alert” and keep your eyes open for His coming! And He does come to us in so many ways, but often we just miss Him out of our preoccupations, busy-ness, distraction, stress, etc. Thank you for this beautfiul reminder – our Advent “Heads Up!”, so to speak.

  2. Isn’t it a marvel how the liturgical year vibrates with the rhythm of life? As our days grow shorter and darkness seems to be winning, the tiny heartbeat of this baby in His mother signals that darkness will soon be defeated. We will meet the longest night of the year then be astounded by the bright explosion of His star. His light will defeat the darkness.

  3. Thank you for this reflection Sister!!

  4. JM+JTSEL,You always give such beautiful reflections sister!-SQ

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