Days 4 and 5…Bishops and the Cathedral

Greetings again. Tis the two from “down under”. Just a note – this paragraph is re: Day 4. SGH will cover day 5. I’ll keep this brief for reasons I shall keep to myself… 🙂 but Sister and I just wanted to give you a brief overview, update on our life here in Australia. It seems as if in-services have been the “in” thing these past couple of days. We’re at work at the registration center taking calls and “trying” to be helpful. The two highlights really would be the opportunities to attend Mass with the associate bishops from this area. Noon Mass was celebrated by Bishop Fisher (I believe he is the one overseeing WYD) and our 5:30 Mass was celebrated by Bishop Julian – rector of the seminary amongst other things. Both are beautiful priests who love their priesthood, the Catholic Church and their Cardinal. Just a note to keep Cardinal Pell in your prayers. He is really under attack in this side of the world. All the sisters from the our group – sent him a joint card assuring him of our prayers and support. I suppose this is all for now.
Sister Mary Scholastica, OCD

Praised be Jesus Christ, Sisters! This morning started off a little slower, as we were not needed in the registration center until about 2 PM. So, SMS and I decided to venture out and explore Sydney. First, we stopped at the Accreditation Center for WYD to pick up our “Volunteer Gear” – this was fun because there were other volunteers arriving for the same purpose and many of the Sisters were dong the same thing. Once we picked up our bags, we headed off to Saint Benedict’s – our favorite little church to pray in. Pier Giorgio’s display was all gone and when we walked in our hearts sank for a moment seeing that he was already moved to the cathedral, but as we looked in the little alcove – there he was! No displays, just his reliquary (which was waiting to be transported), it actually looks like a wooden casket. We were blessed to kneel, once again, by our friend and ask for his intercession for the youth, the cardinal, and our community. After our meditation, we ventured over to Saint Mary’s Cathedral – a magnificently beautiful house of God!!! The inside is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined a church to be. The stained glass windows and the altars were breath-taking and lifted your soul straight up! The inside was buzzing with activity, as this is a pilgrimage sight for WYD. There will be an area with Pier Giorgio’s remains and one with Blessed Mary McKillop’s life and relics, and one about the Cathedral, itself – which has a very interesting history. We decided to stay at the cathedral for Mass -what a gift! The priest who said Mass was very humble and prayed the Mass so reverently. At the end we were told that this particular Mass was the last pubic Mass to be said int he Cathedral until after WYD. Then, we walked around Hyde Park, which is where the photo shoot was the other day and it is right across from the cathedral.

Tomorrow begins our volunteer slots at the venue spots. SMS and I are on the Evangelization Team. Most of our time slots will be at the Cathedral, itself. You all remain very much in my prayers. I love you and am praying for you very much.

With gratitude for each of you,
Sister Grace Helena

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  1. Dear Sisters,Praised be Jesus Christ! What a joy to read of all of your adventures! I am joining my prayers with ALL of the Sisters at home, and especially those on Retreat, for YOU BOTH! I just pray that Australia is able to handle TWO Alhambra Carmelites! ;-D I could feel the excitement of both of you as you described each event. As for Pier Giorgio, I simply love all that he represents. I will ask him – during this tremendous grace-filled time for you both – to protect you and assist you there. Your Guardian Angels are pleased with that, as they are trying to get a spot up close and personal with Our Holy Father. They heard that St. MIchael the Archangel might be there, too, and ALL of the G.A.s want to see him. Prayers go with you and for you from your mates and Sister-Mates here. If that is DOWN UNDER, are we UP OVER??GBY!!!!Lucia

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