Day 6…The pilgrims are coming!

Praised be Jesus Christ! Today SGH and SMS began working as official Evangelisation Team members at the Cathedral. The Sydney Archdiocese has a very well organized event here – hopefully we will have pictures to share of the amazing venues and catechesis sites set up…so much work put in.

We received another surprise…it seems that all our surprises have been coming to us very gently with no “hurry and scurry” to be somewhere – Our Lord just puts us at the right place at the right time. We were told at our orientation this morning that Cardinal Pell and Bishop Fisher would be at the Cathedral for the unveiling of the official painting of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, under whose patronage this WYD has been entrusted. SMS and SGH were assigned about 15 yards from the painting in the cathedral, at Pier Giorgio’s remains! As the time drew near we went over to where the painting was covered and waited; then, were invited closer by those “in charge”. We struck up a conversation with a very friendly family and discovered they were the artist’s family. At 11:00 AM Cardinal Pell, Bishop Fisher, and Cardinal Pio Laghi from the Pontifical Council for the Laity arrived and the Cardinal unveiled the painting. It is very stunning and quite realistic. The artist is a portraitist and our Lady and the Baby Jesus look very real – just as a painted portrait would look.

This is a mutually written blog tonight…we love you and continue to keep you very present in our hearts and prayers.

Sister Mary Scholastica and Sister Grace Helena

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  1. An Australian News has an article on some of the church history in Australia: Catholic endurance writ in sandstone,25197,24006198-28737,00.html Interesting reading about the new painting of Our Lady of the Southern Cross to be unveiled!:)Thank you for sharing. Rose

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