Day 8…Carmelite “Day Trippers”

Praised be Jesus Christ! It’s 2:35 am your time – 7:40pm our time and we have had the most delightful day. SGH and I were not assigned to work today and decided to take the grand tour around Sydney while we still could. Sydney has this lovely thing called the “day tripper” – a ticket which enables you to go on all trains, buses and ferries for a flat rate. Guess what we did??

The morning began with Mass at St. Joseph’s in which they had the most unusual painting of Edith Stein. We’ll take a picture to show you. From there we headed out for our grand adventure. Beginning with a train ride from Central Station we made our way to Sydney Harbor at which we boarded our first ferry. Lovely! We made our way over to Manly Harbor where we received many unexpected gifts from the good Lord on our “p-day”. There was a group of Australian bagpipers who were on the corner in their garb playing and dancing for the people in hopes to raise money. We enjoyed their music and dancing, a walk along the shoreline and free coffee with the Sisters of Life (whom we ran into). Free coffee being offered by one of the shop owners who seemed delighted to be of service to us. We hopped back onto the ferry, made our way back to Sydney Harbor and then hopped onto another ferry for Darling Harbor. The ride was beautiful! After about 20 min. or so at Darling, we hopped back onto another ferry and enjoyed the beauty of the boatride with the lights along the shoreline illuminating the water and the city. We did a lot of hopping in and out of buses/trains and ferries…and I must say that it was most delightful. SGH edit: (IT SURE WAS!).

We enjoyed the sights with you and for you…since you were not able to be with us here in person. Tomorrow begins world youth week – and our days are looking to be pretty full. We look forward to seeing what He has in store for us tomorrow. We shall keep you posted. God bless, good night (or good morning we should say – for you all) and know that we love you and pray for you.

Sister Mary Scholastica and Sister Grace Helena

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your trip with so many of us that cannot attend (and many that are too “old” to attend.) I look forward to your new posts every day.

  2. Sisters your accounts are wonderful – just in case you wondered if anyone was reading! Please show pics when possible!

  3. Dear Sisters!I came across your blog just today (searching to see if, by chance, I could find any news or pix of my daugher). Maybe, just maybe, she was one of your group of 75… she flew from DC to LA on July 4th, and out of LA on the 5th. She is Sr. Teresa Mary (RSM of Alma). Maybe you’ve met her? IF yes, surprise her with a hello from Dad!Anyway, God Bless and I will be watching your Blog! Your excitement is contagious 🙂Proud to be Sr. Teresa Mary’s dad!

  4. Hi, Sisters!I’m glad that you are there for WYD! Now I sort of wish I was there. :- ) Please, if you have an extra prayer over there, please say one for me!I’m praying for you!

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