Day 9…The Big News!

Praised be Jesus Christ Sisters and friends!!! We arrived home late last night and because we couldn’t open our eyes long enough to share the wonders of the day – we thought we’d save it for today.

SGH will share with you about our day yesterday. What I’d like to do is to share with you some very SPECIAL news! 🙂 About a week ago, a very dear Nashville Dominican was looking for an Asian (young) Sister to be one of the few to receive Holy Communion from our Holy Father. She shared that as she was thinking where in the world she would come across such a sister…I walked by her to attend Mass. Needless to say, we connected. She shared the possibility with me and told me that I needed to await the Bishop’s approval. As you know we don’t usually celebrate birthdays (for those not sisters reading this…) we celebrate our feast days. Well, yesterday (Australian time) happened to be my birthday and the good Lord lavished many gifts upon me. Among the many blessings, the greatest that I received yesterday was an “official” invitation to attend Holy Mass with the Holy Father on Saturday when he will consecrate the new altar at the Cathedral and I will be one of the 50 to receive holy communion from him. Talk about pure gift! SGH, the Nashvilles in a very particular way and the CMSWR sisters made the day so amazingly special. Growing up my family didn’t celebrate birthdays, it wasn’t a bad thing…it just wasn’t something we did. Well, yesterday was the mother birthday of birthdays and I think I will be forever 21. 🙂 Sisters, I think you get this last part and for those of you not sisters…I am very obviously not 21. 🙂 God bless you, you are in my prayers and here comes SGH with her part. She’ll share with you another wonderful unexpected gift we received which was kind of cream on the topping – I was just told the colloquial is “icing on the cake”. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Sister Mary Scholastica

Praised be Jesus Christ! First of all, we want to wish Sister Juanita and Sister Kateri a belated feastday (actually: “Happy Feast day, Sister Kateri! As today is yesterday for you!…still the 14th ‘up and over’)…we prayed for you very specially on your special days. (Edit from SMS – oopsie…we did. Glad SGH is mentioning it.)

Now, for a gift we received before the BIG gift…As sister and I were working at the cathedral, we heard that Archbishop Chaput from Denver was going to celebrate Mass at Sydney University, no less – that’s where we are staying! It was confirmed throughout the day, through hearsay only, from different Sisters, as we really had no one to confirm the Mass time with. Sister and I had to be at the cathedral very early for our shift so we had not yet attended Mass. We decided to try for the 6:00 PM Mass at Sydney Univ., hoping the speculation was correct – and it was. As we walked in to “The Great Hall” on the campus, we saw our Archbishop from Denver. Sister and I greeted him – there were very few people there at the time we arrived – and we were able to spend a few minutes speaking with His Excellency. He sends his greetings to all the Sisters. What a wonderful priest – very fatherly.

After Mass, we attended the first event of WYD at the Sydney Opera House. (The Sydney Opera House is world famous. Usually tickets for a regular concert would be $120.00 and up. The architecture, which you will see in the pictures we took is very striking. We heard that people come from all over even just to look at the public restrooms which gives you a sense of the unique grandeur of the place.) It was a choral concert of Sacred Music. Right before we had left for Mass we were invited to go, as some of the Sisters had obtained tickets and there were two extra – another surprise from our Spouse. SMS had really wanted to see this concert – and so had I – but more so, SMS, as she has such a love and gift for Music – so – we went (another birthday gift for SMS :-)! (The concert has booked to capacity for many weeks now, that’s why we originally could not make plans to go.) It was beautiful. The singing was amazing. There were two different choral groups – the first was very interesting, as the choir director gave us the history of each piece beforehand – this I loved – it really helped me to appreciate the piece more. So, we received a European and Church History lesson, as well:-)

We miss you very much and are grateful for the opportunity to be present here – representing our Community. And what a special gift of His love to have SMS receive Communion from our Holy Father. One of the Sisters from the group mentioned to me how special it must be for me – and it is – I replied that it is a gift for our whole community, as she takes each of us with her in her heart. We each do every day, don’t we? I feel as though I have received this gift with Sister and it has made this trip a gift beyond gifts for us both!

We pray for you each day. We love you.

Sister Grace Helena

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