Day 11…Celebrating our Lady of Mount Carmel in Australia

Praised be Jesus Christ! Happy feast day of our Lady of Mount Carmel dear Sisters! Our day unfolded to be a bit different than we planned – but all in the good Lord’s plans. We ended up going to one of the catechesis sites (near the college) due to an invitation we had received to attend. Many of the young people were from NY, MN area and it was brought to our attention that they did not usually have an opportunity to see sisters, so we went to be be present with them. It was meant for us to be there as Bishop DiMarzo having a devotion to our Lady of Mount Carmel spoke beautifully about her and the scapular.

SGH and I had a dual shift…meaning I had the the day shift and SGH the evening…and as we usually are present with each other, we ended up having a particularly full day. SGH and I are stationed at St. Mary’s Cathedral pretty much for all our assignments which is a huge gift in itself, as we are the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, our Lady, Bl. Pier Giorgio and so many faith-filled pilgrims. ALSO, the Pope’s residence is right next door believe it or not. B/c our Holy Father was supposed to be arriving today, security was tight to the max. We cannot even begin to tell you how many officers and check points we had to go through. This was quite an adventure in itself.

We have an unexpected GIFT that was given to us today. SGH was assigned down in the crypt where there is on-going adoration. She came to know that our Holy Father was going to be coming into town sooner than later. Sometime in the evening, you could hear the helicopter circling quite low and a bit of commotion off to one end of the outer area of the crypt. Sister non-chalantly walked over and then beckoned for me to come over. I must say that I was a bit hesitant as I could see a lot of police activity and didn’t know if it would be a good idea. But Sister motioned to me again and I KNEW that I had to head over to where she was ASAP. By God’s grace, she and I saw the back of our Holy Father as he came out of the one of the cars and headed into the Cardinal’s residence (which is where he is staying). From what Sister mentioned, he was about 100 yards away from us and minus the security guards and police men, we were the only other ones in the area who knew what was going on. Talk about blessing!

The above note is from the both of us – but I (SMS) wanted to insert this section as a personal note. For the last 2 days, I’ve been working in the Cathedral in the section allotted to Bl. Pier Giorgio. There is truly a genuine joy of the people in wanting to know more about him to such a degree that the joyfulness that was apparent in Pier Giorgio’s life seems to permeate the halls of the Cathedral as well. I had to share this with you as I was one who did not really grow up with a devotion to saints. And speaking about Pier Giorgio to others brought great joy to my own heart in a way that I had not experienced before. Thanks for reading.

SGH’s edit: Pier Giorgio’s niece arrived in town today. We hope to be able to meet her tomorrow as she will be near Bl. Pier Giorgio’s crypt for the next few days. The Holy Father “officially” arrives tomorrow by boat, first, through the harbor; then, he will drive through the streets of Sydney. So, if we have an opportunity to say hello (hey, you never know…we have been receiving an abundance of graces and “surprises” from our Lord…ask big!), we will mention the 3 brides, 2 novices, and our feastday sisters…HAPPY FEASTDAY ‘Up and Over’!!!!

With much love and prayers through the intercession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
Sister Mary Scholastica and Sister Grace Helena

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  1. Dear Sister GH and MS,Praised be Jesus Christ! I am Sister Marie Estelle’s mom from South Dakota and have been enjoying your blogs from WYD. I hope you can see the Holy Father up close. Our three daughters had a chance to go to WYD: Erin to Cologne in 2005 and Sister ME and Theresa to Toronto in 2002.I am anxious to hear Nicole M. new name. Have you heard the names of the two new novices? I’ll be praying for you. Blessings,JoEllen Klein

  2. My prayers are with you in Australia, Sisters, and most especially with the Sisters making their first vows, and those entering the Novitiate! My thoughts and prayers have been with you this most special week!The pictures of the First Vows and Novitiate ceremonies brought tears to my eyes – I am so happy for all of you! With love and prayers in Christ,Aly Garcia

  3. Sisters, your daily reports from Australia are uplifting and as this blogger said, also “charming”

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