Day 14…Holy Mass with the Holy Father

Praised be Jesus Christ! We wanted to share a little bit with you before we headed off for the pilgrim walk – for the evening vigil at Randwick park as we wouldn’t be returning home until the afternoon the following day. We are on duty at the Cathedral right after the Sunday colsing Mass for WYD.

SGH and I headed towards St. Mary’s Cathedral bright and early this morning at 5am. By the time we got there quite a few seminarians had already formed a line. At this point SGH and I were placed in seperate lines. Jumping ahead…I was seated 5 pews behind the con-celebrating priests which means I was quite close to the altar. About 9:15ish, our Holy Father processed into the Cathedral – preceded by “Viva el Papa” which is why we knew he was coming. If I wanted to – I could have stretched over (really stretched)and touched him which is how close I was as he was coming down the main aisle. What a beautiful pope we have!! Holy Mass was heaven on earth – words can’t quite describe what it is like to attend Mass when the Vicar of Christ is the main celebrant. The ritual, the music…everything simply lifted your heart and mind from this earth to that which is above. Receiving holy communion from our Holy Father was a beautiful grace. We lined up in single file and went up onto the sanctuary where they had a kneeler in place for us to kneel and receive communion from his Holiness. All the way up and in my thanksgiving afterwards, I prayed for you Mother and sisters and knew you to be there with me. I don’t think I can adequately describe the blessings of this mornings Mass and so will stop here and will hope to do so better later.

I write on behalf of SGH and myself. God bless you dear Sisters! Pope Benedict, we love you! SMScholastica

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  1. Dear Sister Mary Scholastica – I watched the WYD Mass yesterday on EWTN (they had it on Live) and was able to catch a few glimpses of you in line to receive Communion from the Holy Father! You are right, the Mass was very beautiful! 🙂I continue to keep you and Sister Grace Helena in my prayers as you come to the end of your WYD trip, as well as all the other Sisters back here in the States!God Bless You All!In Christ,Aly Garcia

  2. Praised be Jesus Christ!That Mass w/ the Holy Father must’ve been an awesome experience for the both of you, Sisters!Sr.Mary Scholastica, I think I saw you (were you wearing a white/cream colored cape?) in line for Holy Commmunion on EWTN, but the view was zoomed out, it wasn’t so close. They didn’t show you IN THE ACT of receiving communion, as I had hoped. 😦 But just being able to receive the Eucharist from the Holy Father—that itself is just an awesome gift from God! 🙂

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