Day 17…The Last Day at the Cathedral

I pray this day was filled with many blessings and graces for each of you. Praised be Jesus Christ! Today was our last day of “official” work at Saint Mary’s Cathedral. I was surprised at how many pilgrims were still coming through. The morning was a bit slow, but by the time we left, around 2:00 PM, there were at least 1000 people who had gone through and a group of about 2000 had reserved a time slot shortly after we left!

Today was very low key, which I am grateful for. The Australians continue to tell us how much they loved having us here. Many have tears in their eyes and ask us to stay. I am very edified by the simplicity of their gratitude, their openness, and their inhibition to speak with us about the impact this last week has had on them. Sometimes, it seems, pride keeps us from showing and expressing gratitude…these people are so gracious and desire truth…and have taught me much about humility. These past two and half weeks have showered Australia and us with torrents of graces. May we give as much as we have received (…and more).

God bless each of you. I have loved Australia and my time here…but, I am looking forward to being home. I miss you all very much.
Sister Grace Helena

Praised be Jesus Christ! I ditto what SGH has written above. AND I also look very much to returning home. Praying for all of you!
Sister Mary Scholastica

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  1. Sister Scholastica,I enjoyed reading your blog and I too was at WYD. I think I saw you at the airport in Sydney waiting in line to check-in for tickets. There were so many people in line I didn’t get a chance to get over to see you. I can’t believe you received Holy Communion from the Pope! I remembered you coming to speak at our school in Napa a couple of years ago. God Bless. Megan

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