Closing Reflections – Sister Mary Scholastica

Praised be Jesus Christ! It is with much gratitude that I write these closing reflections. The heart is so full, I’m not quite sure where to begin.

Just to share…I don’t usually like to travel, and I’ve never really had a desire to go to a particular place, on a pilgrimage or anything of that sort. Even past world youth days, I enjoyed hearing about it but never really desired to attend. Sometime in April or May of this year (can’t quite remember the time frame) the Lord put a very strong desire in my heart to attend WYD in Australia. Not only was there a strong desire, but simultaneous to this, there was a sense of knowing that somehow I would be going. I can’t tell you how or why, I just knew. When Sister Joseph Louise mentioned to me in passing one day that I had a very important letter in my mailbox – even before retrieving it, I knew it was something connected to WYD. And indeed it was. It was a letter requesting that I and another sister represent our community for this wondrous event. In the privacy of our office, I did a bit of jumping up and down. 🙂 Even some holy hollering. 🙂

Skipping ahead…when one of the Nashville Dominicans approached me in Australia and spoke about the possibility of my receiving Holy Communion from our Holy Father, I was indeed surprised and grateful beyond words, but there was with it, the same sense of knowing…knowing that somehow I would see this pope whom I so love…and gratitude that the Lord chose to plan it in this way.

Why do I mention all this? Simply because it encompasses my WYD experience. It speaks so clearly of God’s unfailing love and generosity, His lavishness, His attention to every detail, His fidelity. The Lord is God. Sometimes I forget this. The Lord is by my side, my Helper, my Guide, my Friend, my Beloved. Sometimes I forget this too. It’s the human element that draws us many times to be self-sufficient and selfish. Nothing to beat oneself over the head with because in a certain sense it’s part of the human experience. But my coming to Sydney was our Lord asking me in a particular way to abide in His love and to experience it in a particular way. He brought me out all this way to show me how much it is that He loves me. This may sound a bit funny to state it so…but it’s something that we each in our own way have to be deeply convicted of. We have to know God loves us. We have to know and believe that if it were only me, He would still have died on the cross. Conviction in this love is what will inspire and draw us to be whole-hearted in our own unique individual response. When one is loved and knows it, one cannot help but want to reciprocate that love. Thank you for reading and for letting me share my blessings with you.

Sister Mary Scholastica

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  1. Hello Sister,It was so good to see you and other sisters from America at wyd. Here in Australia sometimes it’s hard to imagine how the Catholic church will continue because of all the modernism and small amount of vocations. Thankyou very much, you really helped me and my sister have a great and holy time and increased our hope 🙂God Bless,from Hillary and Olivia Grant ( remember we saw you at the airport)

  2. It is so good to see blog run by Carmelite Sister, please forgive my ignorance but I would like to learn more details, like location etc. Anyway I will subcsribe to the newsletter.

  3. Thanks, Sister, for reminding us how much God loves us and how good He is! You are so right – when we truly believe God loves us each individually so much, we want to reciprocate.

  4. Christians cannot drive this point home enough: GOD LOVES YOU! The first time I heard this was at the knee of my first-grade teacher, Sr. Rose Marie, OSF, back in 1972. Unfortunately, it took me many years (and many mistakes) before I would realize and begin to LIVE that truth! Today, by His grace, and beginning with a silent retreat down at your SHRH in Alhambra, I am back home in His beautiful Church, and shouting it from the rooftops: God is love! God loves me! God loves YOU! Come and see!🙂Yes, preach it, Sistah!

  5. May God continue to bring you joy and peace in your special vocation.I sometimes find it hard to believe that I am worthy of God’s love(I suffer with severe depression,which can make one feel completely unlovable).Your very human doubts that sometimes you too feel unworthy,and the way in which your post nevertheless ends with your absolute conviction that God does indeed love you,and would have died on the cross “if it were only me”,bring me great comfort.God bless you,and please pray for me,as I will for you.

  6. Dear Srs.Mary Scholastica and Grace Helena,I watched the WYD slideshow! I liked it! I’m glad that the pictures were available for us to see.Praying for you & and the sisters!L.

  7. Hi, what an amazing story!! Beautiful. I went to WYD from NZ and met a few Carmelites at the vocations are the links to the carmelite video we made, check them out andforward them on to anyone you like…intro one two three four

  8. SO TRUE SISTER!SO BEAUTIFUL!Thank you for being such a powerful witness for our Lord Jesus Christ!

  9. Dear Sister,Funny thing is I have an opportunity to go to the Holy Land…Is it possible…anything’s possible…can I afford it?…sort of…lol…do I go…am not sure…it will unfold as it unfolds…please say a prayer for me…not that I haven’t already…or others haven’t…i just need it written in stone..sometimes…

  10. Dear Sister,Funny thing is…I could go to the Holy Land…I sort of have the time..sort of have some money..sort of have things under control…Is it possible to just go? anything’s possible…I have been musing on the idea and your comment about God wanting to show you something in a particular way was an answer of sorts for me..thank you

  11. Dear Sr. M.Scholastica, Most recently found a note from you when you coordinated the Mother/Daughter week last year. You wrote wonderful reflections on your trip to Australia! Wishing you the best! Sincerely, K.Turner Buffalo NY

  12. Dear friend,The reason for writing this is to direct you to a special site forprayers and devotions so badly needed for these end times. Rememberthe wise words of st. Augustine: understanding is the reward offaith, so seek not to understand so as to believe but to believe so asto understand.http://www.chapletoftearsofmysorrows.comPlease do recite the chaplets contained therein and heed to therevelations to that apostolate.God bless.Jay.

  13. Dear Sisters,My name is Steve and was wondering how to contact you to see if you wouldn’t mind writing a review of my website on your blog (good or bad). You can contact me at EasterSteve

  14. “His attention to every detail, His fidelity. The Lord is God.” Yes, yes, yes! Imagine the Holy Trinity
    loving me that much. Thank you for your blog startup.
    It’s wonderful. JMJTTJ

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