Our New Archbishop, Part Two

Venerable Mother Luisita

Please excuse my excitement, but if an Archbishop had quoted your mother in front of over 3,000 people, you would be a bit ecstatic, too!

Two of our sisters had the immense joy of being at the Mass welcoming Archbishop Jose Gomez on May 26, 2010. I have never seen any of my sisters as excited as they were when they came home. They said, “You’ll never guess what happened at the Cathedral today!” So of course we all tried to guess.

Everything we came up with, they just kept saying, “No, it’s even better…Even better.” I can now testify that levitation is possible, because their feet were not on the floor by the time they were finally able to tell us: “The new Archbishop quoted Mother Luisita in his comments!!!”

Here is the section of text where he spoke of our foundress:

“Recently, a friend told me about one of the local unknown saints here, Maria Luisa de la Peña, a refugee from Mexico who founded the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. Venerable Mother Luisita would tell everyone: “For greater things you were born!” That’s it, my friends! That’s the good news we are called to proclaim to our city, to our country, throughout this continent and world. Para grandes cosas hemos nacido!! Each of us has been made for love and for great and beautiful things. There is no soul that God does not long to touch with this message of his love! And he wants to touch those souls through us.  So let us make our lives something beautiful that we can we can offer to God. Let us do everything, even the littlest duties of our days, out of love for him and for the love of our brothers and sisters.”

Mother Luisita and Archbishop Orozco y Jimenez, 1930's

Mother Luisita is dear to me because I am her spiritual daughter. She died four decades before I was born, but I have read every one of her recorded words. I was given her name as my religious name. I have played her in stage productions. In fact, while I type she is smiling at me from a little framed picture on my desk.  I belong to her congregation, I belong to her. 

But when an Archbishop freshly arrived from San Antonio mentions her and offers her words as encouragement to his new flock, it is a powerful experience. To be perfectly truthful, I’m not sure I have been able to grasp it fully.

What I am aware of is the fact that what she began she has entrusted to those who follow her, and that includes me. Her words, “For greater things you were born,” lose their effect if they are not lived out by her daughters.

God reward Archbishop Gomez for the encouragement he has offered to our Archdiocese and for calling each of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles to be faithful daughters of our Venerable Mother Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament!

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