A Shower of Roses

Roses from our gardens...

St. Therese said she would send down a shower of roses from Heaven. Today several of us had a hand in fulfilling her promise.

Our convent sits on four acres with many luscious gardens. We have not counted recently, but we calculate we have more than a thousand rose bushes. Beautiful? Absolutely! A lot of work? Unquestionably!

Today was a true California summer day. It was warm. But by 7:30 this evening, a cool, gentle breeze found its way though our grounds and the sun had set leaving us a deliciously refreshing twilight. We seized our opportunity.

Armed with aprons, gloves, and clippers, we set about trimming some of the roses. Life being what it is it had been a while since I had the joy of working in the garden. I think I could have stayed there until it was pitch black.

It is such a thrill to pull back a bunch of leaves and see the next stem of a rose just budding forth. To clip away what has blossomed to make room for new growth. A perfect analogy for the spiritual life.

Sister and I stood back and admired our work. No more sun burnt, wilted roses. Not more unsymmetrical shoots jutting out into nowhere with nothing on them. Only healthy foliage kept low to the ground and new buds just beginning.

In a few weeks, we will have our shower of roses!

Chapel in Sacred Heart Convent

In addition to trimming the roses, we also collected rose petals from blossoms that had seen their day, but were not quite ready for the compost pile. I have a five gallon bucket full. We will take them to Santa Teresita this Sunday for our Corpus Christi celebration.

These unpetaled roses have a special destiny. We will have a Eucharistic procession through the campus of Santa Teresita and children will throw the petals before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament as He is carried in the monstrance.

So if you are feeling a little cut back or pruned or maybe even completely unpetaled by whatever happened in your week, consider yourself in good company.

And join the shower of roses!

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