Our Lady of… the Cake Pan?!?!

Please note the Bundt cake pan-stand

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I am hoping this one will make up for a bit of a lag in the blog the past couple of days, including no entry for the feast of the Sacred Heart. (Yikes, another week in purgatory for me!)

Mary seems to have a running theme in my life these days, actually a twofold theme: busy days and humor. She seems to turn up just when it gets chaotic and she brings a little laughter when things might be getting a bit tense.

One of the novices asked me Friday evening if I knew where there was an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to use to decorate for her feast. Indeed I did. That was part of what added to the “fullness” of my day. We are re-doing a garden and the statue from the garden needed to be refurbished. It happened to be the Immaculate Heart of Mary and had been left to dry right behind the kitchen. She was ready to go, except for one small detail.

The statue is designed to fit into a cement base and be anchored securely. That means it does not have a flat bottom. Perfect if you are going to display her outside. Not so great if you’d like to set her on a table inside.


One sister said to stick some rags around her to balance her. Another said put her in a bowl. Finally we settled on the cake pan in the picture. After a good round of laughter over “Our Lady of the Cake Pan,” our shrine was transformed and ready to bring joy to all our sisters.

Remember the first time you gave your mother a bouquet of flowers (aka dandelion weeds)? She loved it. And the Mother’s Day card you made in third grade? She still has it in a keep sake box under her bed. Mothers love whatever we give them, when it comes from the heart. Even a cake pan. We wanted to share Mary’s beauty with our sisters because we love her and them, and the pan did the trick.

If you join us for our Holy Hour one of these days, you probably won’t hear us invoke “Our Lady of the Cake Pan” during the Litany after the Rosary, but we know that nothing thrills the Immaculate Heart of Mary more than our simple and sincere signs of devotion and love.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

P.S. The weight of the statue did put some permanent dents in the pan. So all our cakes from now on will have the mark of our Immaculate Mother on them!!!

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