Shopping Day

Yesterday was shopping day. This may not seem like a “blog worthy” topic for many people, but considering we have a shopping day once each month and two of us are purchasing for nine different areas, and 25 sisters, it is usually quite an adventure.

First we compile all the lists. Microsoft Excel helps a lot. After everything is tallied up, we sort it by store and area of store. Stickers in hand, every item is labeled by where it will go when we get home. This is done as soon as it goes in the cart. We really do have it down to quite a system.

We even usually time when we will leave to be at certain stores as soon as they open. It is no easy task to maneuver Costco after all the masses have descended. I am convinced half the people there push their carts with their eyes closed. We’ve not been run over yet, but there were a few close calls.

We are in the world, but not of the world. So while driving between stores, we prayed a rosary. In case you were wondering, Costco is two decades and seven Hail Marys from our convent. Target is exactly one decade from Costco. You have time for a litany while driving to the 99Cent Store. But we were ready for just silence heading to our last stop, Smart & Final.

A quick phone call when we left the last store alerted our crew at home to man their stations. This meant we unloaded the van in record time. Remember every item has a sticker indicating where it goes, so everyone could just pick something and put it away.

Whew! Job well done…until next month!

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