Better Late Than Never

After I finished the previous post, I realized I did not put anything up about Mother Luisita on her actual birthday. Excuse me for “recycling” but I thought you might enjoy this reflection I shared with our sisters on her feastday, June 21.

The Desk of a Carmelite

As I write, Mother Luisita is smiling at me from a little picture I keep on my desk. It is in a tiny, heart shaped frame, with a cute cherub on top. Although it is just what was on hand at the time, it actually is quite appropriate. All through her life Maria Luisa responded to Jesus’ invitation to enter more deeply into His Heart. I am sure she had no idea what journey she was beginning when she said yes to marrying Pasqual, to establishing a hospital, to letting go of her beloved husband at his death, to life in the convent, then out, then in, and then out again. But step by step every yes moved her closer to the very center of the Heart of Christ. She said yes to bringing her daughters to the City of the Angels, and now here we are, in the Heart of Christ under the protection of all the angels of Heaven and their most glorious Queen. In the picture before me, Mother Luisita is smiling. It is almost as though she were sitting here with me, having a nice little chat. I know what she would say, because we’ve all heard it through her letters. “Be what you are supposed to be: a saint.” But what does it mean? She tells us that as well. It means dedicating ones entire life to entering more and more deeply into the Sacred Heart of Christ. Yes, yes, yes. Yes to the challenges, yes in the midst of limitations and failures, yes in joys and triumphs, yes in confusion and misunderstandings. Deeper, deeper, deeper, right to the very center of the Burning Furnace of Charity. I don’t expect to find the cherubs in Heaven looking anything like the chubby face on this picture frame, but then all images on this earth fail to reflect fully the glory of Eternity. But these spirits of melodic love see so much more clearly than we do the path we are taking into the Heart of Christ and teach us to sing His praise and our gratitude with sublime melodies. From the Heart of Him to Whom she gave her whole life, Mother Luisita is singing. Yes by yes may each of us progress in this deepening and sing with her and all the angels of Heaven of God’s jealous, passionate love.

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  1. Sister Mary Louise I love reading your posts. You are doing such a great job. Keep up the great work.
    God Bless

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