Glory to Glory

Whew! What a week it has been. I wish I could write at length about all the beautiful and exciting things that have happened, but since they keep happening I will have to limit myself.

Last Sunday we celebrated our Sister Jubilarians. It was glorious! It was the first such celebration since we reopened our Chapel at Santa Teresita after renovations. The music was heavenly, the thoughts father shared during the homily were inspiring, but most of all the combined witness of women who have lived religious life for twenty-five, fifty, and sixty years was beyond words. The joy and love was so deep.

Monday was the birthday of our Mother Foundress, Venerable Maria Louisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament. She died in 1937, but we are faithful daughters and celebrated her fully, from a beautiful Liturgy in the morning to authentic carne asada for dinner. (After two hours at the grill, I felt like I smelled like charcoal for days.)

Monday we also began our annual Mother Daughter Retreat. 23 families joined us for a week of prayer, learning, sharing, and a good dose of fun. We had everything from BBQ to Eucharistic Adoration to musical presentations to popsicles at a picnic lunch! And believe it or not we ended the retreat by celebrating the retreat master’s anniversary of ordination. (See the entry from Jun2, 2010 about priests & their anniversaries.)

We said goodbye to the girls and their moms on Thursday only to welcome our next group tonight: a Homeschooling Conference. Over the next three days, we will have dozens of children running around and hardworking parents networking and gathering resources to provide for their children’s education.

St. Paul said we go from glory to glory. (2 Cor. 3:18) Is this what he had in mind? I like to think so.

Weaving all though this, there were our own families. Sister Immaculata and Sister Gloria Therese had their families visiting this week. For a Carmelite, any sister’s family is every sister’s family. So we very much enjoyed getting to know “our” nephews and nieces a little bit better this week.

One little tidbit from these visits happened last night at the end of our Holy Hour during the Angelus.

One of our nephews is six months old and decided to put on his most charming baby babble right as we began the prayer. The sister leading did pretty well through the initial part and the first Hail Mary. But when “the Word became Flesh” was accompanied by bubbles and gurgles from the back of the Chapel, her voice began to shake. The giggles began to spread as we all made the connection. Thanks to our little nephew, we had a most profound and joyous meditation on the truth of the Incarnation. Yes, He became Flesh, dwelt among us, and first spoke like a six month old.

What’s coming next, you ask? God only knows, but it’s going to be glorious!

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  1. I have greatly enjoyed hearing about your beautiful Carmelite Community and the neat things you all do.

    For myself today I got up really early 4 + a.m. do to extreme nerve pain in my right upper leg pain. I had to get moving…walking around.

    My intention was send my prayer request to everyone I knew for prayer because of my painful situation. Here I am on your web site…hmmm!

    I am a Lay Carmelite with the Hermits of St. Mary of Carmel, Houston, MN. I live in Niles, IL which is 3 miles North of Chicago.

    Now I believe God just wanted me to get up and enjoy seeing you’s and receiving your encouraging words as in Carmel vocation.

    Thank you very much for your Web Site. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    In closing comment, it is nice to see whom I am praying for.

    God Bless you all…In His Name, Jesus Christ Forever.

    • Be assured of our prayers for you, as well. St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross once wrote, “This is the Little Way: a bouquet of insignificant blossoms we daily lay on the altar. We do not know where the graces go and those who receive them do not know from where they came.” Little would she have suspected the far reaching results of technology!

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