Carmel means…

Carmel means enclosed garden. The other day as I was walking through our beautiful gardens, I could not help reflecting how blessed we are who live here. The exquisite beauty of creation was all around me everywhere I turned. The next day I enjoyed my little stroll again, this time with a camera, and here is what I saw…and prayed.

Lord, Your love and mercy surround me always. It is the atmosphere in which I move, sustaining me and giving me life.

God, You are the joy of my soul. You restore the happiness of my youth and promise me the endless bliss of heaven.

Even in the rocky and barren soil of my poor soul, You my God can bring forth the most beautiful flowers. All that is needed is faith.

Lord, You have to have a great sense of humor. Who would have thought of a flower that looks like that? The One Who is head-over-heels for me.

Each of us is truly lovely by ourselves, but how much more so when arranged with others according to Your design, O Lord!

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  1. I was taught by Fr Thomas Koller OCD that the derivation of Carmel is Carm (garden) EL (GOD).

  2. […] to the second reading at Vigils (Office of Readings): Sacred Scripture celebrated the beauty of Carmel where the prophet Elijah defended the purity of Israel’s faith in the living God. In the […]

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