Walking with My Sister

This is the time of year when it happens. Boxes are packed, keys are passed to a new set of hands, a few days of training, and the move takes place. It is one of the many beautiful aspects of the vow of obedience. I know every year when I receive my assignment I am going (or staying) exactly where I am needed.

It is not up to any individual sister to decide where she will serve for the next year. (“Next year” means from August to August.) The entire big picture is taken into account, the strengths of each member are known, and the needs of every apostolate. If I had to choose a career, maybe this is not what I would choose, but I have the assurance that this is where I will encounter God and where I can do His will.

By far one of the greatest aspects of this life is that when we are sent to do God’s will, wherever that may be, we never go alone. My sisters are always with me. As religious we are called to be experts in communion, modeling our life together on the unity of the Holy Trinity.

It is not just for convenience sake that we wear the same clothes, share the same address, and eat from a common table. The externals are both the product and support of an interior harmony among us. We are of one heart and one mind.

You might ask how. She’s 75 and I’m 29. This one is German and this one is Hispanic. One sister would like nothing better than a quiet afternoon with a good book and another is all but dying to scale another mountain. And we live together… as one?!?! Yes, miracles do happen!

Side by side we walk the road, we follow the Lamb wherever He leads. As sisters move to new assignments, we are actually strengthened in our unity, knowing that no matter what our address this year, be it new or old, we are one. We are one in the love of Christ which gathers us together.

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  1. I love the photo of the two sisters walking on the path. It is such a peaceful picture.

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