No, not that Elijah

As Carmelites, we base our spirituality on that of Elijah. That is, the prophet from the Old Testament who called down fire from heaven, killed the false prophets of Baal, and experienced God’s presence in a still, small voice. Quite the character. How exactly we trace our roots back to him is a bit of a long story, one which I will save for a separate post. Today’s is not so much a history lesson, as just an amusing incident in the lives of two simple Carmelites.

We have friends who have a recording studio, and in preparation for a fundraiser next week at Santa Teresita, we went over to borrow a drum set and key board. A unique errand in itself.

As soon as we stepped into the studio we were greeted with, “You’re not going to believe who was just here!” Having been there before and seen the pictures of who records there, I really had no idea what to expect. So my sister companion and I innocently asked the appropriate question, “Who?”

“Elijah Wood!!!”

Silence on our part.

Apparently the blank looks on our faces betrayed that we had been too engrossed in our lives as Carmelites (and rightly so) to know the newest Hollywood stars. Lord of the Rings had come out after I entered, and the sister with me had seen it once before entering the convent, but that was all.

It took a little while for them to explain to us who this gentleman was, and eventually we did grasp that according to world standards we should really be impressed. We even went ahead and had our picture taken by the sign they used to reserve his parking spot. That is about the closest I’ve gotten to star gazing.

No, I take that back. There is a Man who has out lasted all other popularity ratings. His image has appeared in more places than any Hollywood star, and His fan club extends literally to the ends of the earth. That is because He actually holds the world, and all its wonders, in His creating hand.

We just missed seeing Elijah Wood. But when we came home, we were just in time for our Holy Hour and then we were really able to star gaze: the Morning Star that never sets, Christ Our Lord.

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  1. The office manager from the studio e-mailed us a picture of our near brush with fame.

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