¡Viva Cristo Rey!


Snow Dusted San Gabriel Mountains

Happy solemnity of Christ the King! His Divine Majesty sent us a downpour of graces these past two days…literally.

So when there was a bit of a break in the rain this morning I grabbed the camera and headed out to see what I could, um, well, see.

Rained-washed Sacred Heart

Isn’t He amazing? The picture of the statue of the Sacred Heart with rain still running down His face really spoke to my heart and triggered a reflection I would like to share with you this morning.

Last night during table reading at dinner, we listened to a reflection by Pope Benedict XVI about Christ the King. He pointed out that Israel was never meant to have a king and when they demanded one, it was as though they were rejecting God as their King. But He Who is Mercy did not leave us forsaken in our rebellion. We wanted a human king? Then THE KING would become human.

Looking around our world today, we seem to be much in the same situation as the ancient Israelites: so many have rejected God as their King. But as we close the liturgical year, it is our opportunity to renew our allegiance to Christ as the Ruler and Center of our lives.

Nature Glowing with the Glory of Christ

My thoughts turn to our brothers and sisters who have laid down their lives for Christ their King, particularly in our neighboring country of Mexico. How many of them died with that cry on their lips, “¡Viva Cristo Rey!  Long live Christ the King!” In the face of all kinds of suffering they remained loyal to the Divine Sovereignty.

Ah, but who was it who said there are many who are willing to die for Christ, but fewer who are willing to live for Him? There are times I am tempted to think that bloody martyrdom would be easier than the day to day grind. But then I have so many opportunities in the littleness of my days to cry out, “¡Viva Cristo Rey! ”

Examples? A head cold that keeps me from being able to think and carry out what I had planned. LA traffic. A dinner menu that is anything but my favorite. A crying baby on the airplane trip… the five hour airplane trip. You can fill in many more, I am sure.

So let us carry on with our efforts to keep Christ as the King and Center of our Hearts, until through our words and example in the hidden martyrdom of our daily lives, we draw many souls to join us in our cry, “¡Viva Cristo Rey!  Long live Christ the King!”

All Creation Cries Out, "¡Viva Cristo Rey!"

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  1. Dear Sister Mary Louise,

    What an artistic eye you have! I walked outside today and, of course I saw the the mountains so beautifully capped and the few trees that change colors, you caught the beauty. God reward you for sharing our beauty with the world. Sr. Timothy Marie, OCD

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