A Prelude to Advent

While your turkey is defrosting and you are getting ready for tomorrow’s celebration, here is a little reflection appropriate to this time of year.

A Prelude to Advent

Hush now, still.

                The Mystery advances.

Mother Earth surrenders all her produce

                For how can she compare with Mother Eve?

Vine, stalk, and branch can bear nothing

                To compare with the Virgin’s Harvest.

Darkness lengthens, not with malice

                Rather wrapping earth in a reverent veil.

A Dawn is coming in Whose light

                All stars and planets fade.

The warmth of self assurance departs

                And dependence-kindling-coolness creeps in.

Naught is ours which is not gift; every one of our breaths which now before us freeze

                Comes from (returning , too) the One Who soon makes Himself Gift.

The scampering, twittering, frolicking of nature

                Abates and waits.

Not in morbid hibernation

                But in reverent, silent retreat.

The action of daylight and summer

                Flows seamlessly into the contemplation of darkness and winter.

Seasons change, yet time will not end

                until all is fulfilled by an Infants birth.

So hush now, still.

                The Mystery advances.

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  1. Beautiful….Peaceful….Thank You

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