A Carmelite Advent: St. Teresa and Christ’s Humanity

As I mentioned in a privious post, the Carmelite Saints have almost countless references to Advent in their writings. While the actual word “Advent” may not be used, themes pertaining to the season are certainly numerous. This Advent we’d like to share with you some reflections based on their words. It is our hope that it serves as a help to your own preparations for the Birth of our Savior.

“I see clearly that if we expect to please Him and receive an abundance of His graces, God desires that these graces must come to us from the hands of Christ, through His most Sacred Humanity, in which God takes delight.” St. Teresa of Jesus

If all grace comes to us through the humanity of Christ, then at the beginning of this new liturgical year, we would do well to linger at that moment when He first took this humanity to Himself.

Volumes have been written on the subject of the Annunciation and Incarnation, and as helpful as they may be, these writings remain the fruit of another’s prayer and reflection. While it is good for us to read them we cannot stop there. We ourselves must enter in and personally experience this breathtaking moment when the Virgin breathed her Fiat and the Work took on Flesh.

The humanity of Christ came from Mary. Desiring to delve into this Mystery, we can take no better guide than she. It is not a pious fantasy to ask the Virgin Mother to guide our mind and heart as we long to contemplate the Incarnation of her Son. It is exactly what we as her children should do.

For each of us, and at different times of our lives, such reflection will bring to light various aspects of the humanity of Christ. For one, it may be the humility of God to lower Himself to begin as an unborn child in a woman’s womb. Then again, perhaps it is the value God places on humanity that He should go to such extremes to redeem us. A mother who has carried the burden of life within her may find the intimate communion between Mother and Child to be a source of grace.

A single moment in the life of Christ has the power to influence our lives in an infinite manner, this year one way, next year another. His humanity is an inexhaustible store of riches, never generic, but individually designed for each soul as he or she comes to Him. All that is required, but it is essential, is a personal, heart-to-heart encounter with Him.

His coming is sure. We could take no better step to meet Him than to dwell on His humanity in the womb of our Virgin Mother.

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