A Carmelite Advent: St. Therese and Our Lady

St. Therese in prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary: “You know, dear Mother, that I am happier than you? I have you for Mother, whereas you do not have the Blessed Virgin to love.”

Let’s explore this incredible privilege that is ours: Mary is our Mother.

Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in our Chapel

Perhaps a good place to start is actually to re-phrase that statement: Mary is MY Mother. Her relationship to me and mine to her is not a general, all encompassing, group package. It is a personal give and take between the Queen of Heaven and me.

This leads directly to another point: MARY is my Mother. Not an image, not a statue, not a thought passed down and elaborated through the ages. She is a real individual, with her own personality, albeit perfect, but nonetheless human. She is strong, humble, aware of details, tender hearted, and reflective. She is gracious and dignified, absolutely understanding. And she has a sense of humor. Completely real.

There are two more words in our little phrase. Let’s take a look at the last: Mother. Once a mom, always a mom. You can’t take birth back. Mary is Mother with all her being- for me! My life is Christ and Mary gave me Christ, so she gave me life. She is not my fairy godmother who waits to give me whatever I may ask of her. She is my Mother who knows my needs and what is good for me beyond what I can see. Even my most humble needs, in my helplessness, she is aware and intercedes for me.

It is the smallest of the four, but as with so many spiritual realities is essential in its smallness. Mary IS my Mother. As Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so her maternal role does not change. At every moment she is present to me. No question about it, it is decided and definite: She is my Mother!

And so I do well from time to time to relish this reality, to fall in her arms, not distraught and suffering as I sometimes do, but with the calm tranquility of a love that seeks only to show its love and to receive a love that flows from a Mother’s heart.

Yes, I agree with St. Therese. We are the lucky ones.

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