What are we going to call him?

Have you ever wondered what Carmelites talk about? When we talk, that is. Most of our day we keep silence, but when it’s time for recreation, you can be sure we take advantage of the chance to exchange a few words. Hmm, maybe more than a few.

Well, the other day at lunch we had a rather unique conversation. I don’t remember who posed the question, but it set off a series of reflections: “What do you think we are going to call John Paul II when he is beatified?” We experimented with different options: Pope Blessed John Paul, Blessed Pope John Paul, Blessed John Paul. (more…)

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A Bishop’s Final Benediction

We arrived at Our Lady of the Angels’ Cathedral about thirty minutes before the funeral began. Already the nave was beginning to fill with people coming to pay their last respects to, pray for the soul of, and receive a final benediction from Bishop John Ward.

I was standing in line to bid farewell to this holy shepherd and reading his memorial card when I felt a presence approach, a very tall presence. Looking up I saw his Eminence Cardinal Mahoney step into line and then move to the casket containing the remains of a brother bishop. Emotion welled up within me as I watched him pray silently, just a few feet from me. From behind, I could not tell when he concluded his prayer if he was blessing the deceased or blessing himself. That is when the phrase came to me: a final benediction. (more…)

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Anything But Ordinary: Blessed John Paul II

It is supposed to be the first week of Ordinary Time. We are supposed to have a few weeks of quiet time after all our Christmas solemnity. We were expecting the days to take on a bit of a routine, not negative, just a healthy series of the familiar.

But not today!

This morning at Mass, our beloved chaplain, Fr. Anthony just could not contain himself for joy but exuberantly shared with us the great news: Pope Benedict XVI announced the beatification of the Servant of God, John Paul II will take place on May 1, 2011. Can it get any better? (more…)

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Where have you been the last two weeks?!?!

No phones or internet? What a Christmas present that was!

Well, believe it or not, we have been here.

You may have tried to e-mail and received a message that it was undeliverable. And you may have tried to check the blog for up-dates and found none. You may even have tried to call and heard that lovely recorded voice inform you that “the number you dialed is no longer in service.” Unless you actually physically visited us, you may have been tempted to think we had somehow vanished off the face of the earth without a trace. (more…)

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