My Trip to the Holy Land

What if I were to tell you that I found a way to get from Los Angeles to the Holy land in less than two hours? You might think I am a rocket scientist and I should patent my invention, or sell it for millions of dollars. Or you might think that I am pulling your leg.

You’d be wrong either way.

It’s true! I left home with two other sisters on Wednesday morning and arrived exactly at noon! Then this morning we started the trip home at about ten and were in time for lunch. No jet lag, no customs, and best of all…no security check! (more…)

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Happy Birthday!!!

Whose birthday, you may ask. Ours! And we are 90 years old today.

On February 2, 1921, Venerable Maria Luisa Josefa and her companions began living the Rule of Carmel. They rose to the sound of the traditional Carmelite summons to prayer, “Praised be Jesus Christ and His Virgin Mother! Come to prayers, sisters. Come to praise the Lord!” What joy must have flooded their hearts as in the early morning hours they donned the Carmelite habit for the first time.

At long last the desire of Mother Luisita was fulfilled, joining the spirit of Carmel with the active life. Nine decades later and in another country, we continue that mission. (more…)

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