Draw Me and We Will Run

Today was a fundraiser for Hayden Childcare Center, a 5 K Run, Family Walk and Roll. Perhaps you were there. I was not. But I really wanted to put something on our blog about it. So the question is, how do you write about an event you did not attend?

Upon reflection, I realized the only real obstacle is that I did not attend. I did however participate. We all did. That is one of the beauties of community life. We really do function as one body, each part contributing to the whole. Many of us were there when the gun signaled the beginning of the race and many of us ran, walked, and rolled (in their wheel chairs) across the finish line. The rest of us ran the race in our hearts.

The day is not about running shoes, best times, or even really the funds raised to help support the education of children. Those are all secondary. What is primary is the salvation of souls. That is what is at the heart of everything that we do.

If you were there you would probably have seen more sisters than you could count. But there were many that you could not count because you could not see them. But I assure you, we participated.

Perhaps by now you may be wondering about the title and how it fits this brief reflection. It comes from the Song of Songs. And no, there is not a grammatical error in what I typed. The first pronoun is singular and the second is plural. This is because it expresses a reality of our faith. If Christ draws me, all those I love, all those with whom I am in communion, will advance. He draws me and we all come.

Apply this to our event in Duarte today and you understand the premise of this post. We crossed one finish line today, but I assure you we are still striving, still running the race, still keeping the faith. Each sister adds to the momentum and the love of Christ draws us ever onward. May He be forever praised!

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  1. Glory to the Highest..I had now realized that there are no hindrances in this world as long as you are willing…see, sisters never refuse to participate in community life even if they are bounded in a wheelchair.

  2. “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart…”
    That’s what the sisters portrayed to the public when they join the race using their wheelchairs…Thanks sisters …you made it great!….

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