Stations of the Cross

As we were praying the Stations of the Cross together today, I thought it would be a blessing to be able to share them through our blog. I am no photographer, as you will see below, but the Stations that surround our plaza really are beautiful. The reflections for each were written by our foundress, Venerable Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Be assured of our prayers for you this Lenten season!

The First Station, Jesus is Condemned to Death: O my Beloved Redeemer, unjustly condemned by Pontius Pilate for my sins so I could gain eternal life, I humbly beseech You to grant me You loving forgiveness and deliver me from everlasting loss of You.

The Second Station, Jesus Carries His Cross: O Jesus, My Lord and my God, out of love for me You wholeheartedly take the cross of my sins upon Your shoulders. Grant me patience and resignation to cheerfully endure the well-deserved cross of my hardships and tribulations after Your example and for Your sake alone.
The Third Station, Jesus Falls the First Time: O my Lord Jesus Christ, when weariness of spirit makes me remiss on my way to heaven, when there is nothing but darkness around me, remind me of Your first fall on the way to Calvary. Strengthen me with Your grace, and give me fresh courage to joyfully fulfill Your holy will until the end of my life.
The Fourth Station, Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother: O Jesus, my holy Redeemer, my sins, shortcomings and infidelities have grieved Your most beloved Mother. In my hours of sorrow and struggle, let her be my consolation and comfort, let her be my strength and support.
The Fifth Station, Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross: Grant me, O Jesus, the grace to share with You in the salvation of mankind. Let me assist those in trouble and need, helping them to carry their crosses, to lighten their burdens. Let me be like Simon and relieve the bitter pains of Your blesses shoulders.
The Sixth Station, Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus: Veronica, O sweet Jesus, wiped away the blood and sweat that stained Your wounded face, and her daring kindness was richly rewarded. Imprint Your likeness upon my soul and the souls of those close to my heart. With the image of Your sufferings ever present in our minds, no pain shall ever darken the flames of our love.
The Seventh Station, The Daughters of Jerusalem Weep Over Jesus: O my loving Jesus, You fell a second time beneath the cross. When in my weakness I break my resolutions again and again, in spite of my determination to be faithful, lift me up, give me Your strength and the courage to continue with you on the way to Calvary.
The Eighth Station, The Daughters of Jerusalem Weep Over Jesus: “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me, but for yourselves and for your children.” These are Your words also meant for me. Grant me true sorrow for my past sins and infidelities. Give me patience, understanding, and sympathy with all who suffer so my own heart may reflect the mercy of Your own Sacred Heart.
The Ninth Station, Jesus Falls the Third Time: My Lord and my God, if it is Your good pleasure, knowing my great weakness, deliver me from the great tribulations and trials, like Your own cross that forced You to fall to the ground three times. But if from eternity You have placed them in my path, grant me Your grace to accept them in atonement for my sins and strengthen me with Your love.
The Tenth Station, Jesus is Stripped of His Garments: O Jesus, by the humiliation suffered in having Your clothing torn from Your Sacred Body, grant me a true spirit of poverty to match Your own and complete detachment from the material things of this world that I may give up my longings for comforts and for luxuries.
The Eleventh Station, Jesus is Nailed to the Cross: O my Lord and my Savior, even though You are crucified, humiliated and insulted beyond bounds, You are my God, my King, and my Redeemer. As my God, I adore You. As my King, I salute You and give back to You all that I have and all that I am. As my Redeemer, I love You with my whole heart and consecrate myself entirely to You.
The Twelfth Station, Jesus Dies on the Cross: My most loving Jesus, I kiss devoutly the cross on which You died for me. You have loved me more that Your own life. Let me correspond to this infinite love with an ever increasing fervor in Your service and grant me the grace of dying in an act of perfect love for You. Assist the dying in their agony that they may die in Your holy grace.
The Thirteenth Station, Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross: My most sweet Jesus, I adore Your sacred body in the arms of Mary, Your sorrowful Mother and mine. Grant me true contrition for the many times I have wounded Your most loving Heart by my sins and thus added to her sorrow.
The Fourteenth Station, Jesus is Laid in the Tomb: My most gentle Jesus, I beseech You to permit me to come to the end of my life signed with the marks of Your Passion. Let Your cross be the guiding star of my life and its sheltering light protect my resting place. And, on the day of judgment, do You, my risen God, raise me to glory at Your side.
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  1. The stations at the Retreat House are beautiful. I don’t remember ever seeing them in booklet form at the House. If there has not been a published booklet of them please consider this for the future. I’m sure many retreatants would like to purchase it.

  2. Jeannine-
    Be assured of our prayers. I did not post you prayer request on our blog, but I did forward it to our Prayer Basket on our website so that all the Carmelite Sisters will be praying for you and your family. How our Lord is inviting you to enter into Lent! Again, be assured of our prayers!

    In Christ,
    Your Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

  3. really beautiful. thank you .

  4. Very nice indeed. We have had a retreat at our parish here in Bloemfontein South Africa for the past week and was extreemly wonderful

  5. Sister,
    What a marvelous idea for you to include the Stations of the Cross in your Blog column.
    I am homebound, and have been praying for a source from which I could have a guide for the Stations as part of my Lenten prayer.
    The remainder of my Lenten prayer will definitely become more meaningful and fervent. Thank you!

    • Rita- We never know how our littlest actions may touch someone. It is good to hear that the post is helpful to you. Be assured of the paryers of all the Sisters as we pray these Stations united with you! God bless you!

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