He Is Risen

Alleluia! I wish there were some way that we could send some of the Easter joy that is vibrating through our community to you via the web. But where technology cannot go, the Mystical Body of Christ certainly can reach! So we are confident that God will answer our prayers and bless you and your families with joy beyond measure as we continue to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection.

Easter really is special in Carmel. Our celebration centers around the Liturgy so we began with the Vigil on Saturday night. And if you know anything about Carmelite spirituality and our connection to St. Elijah and his connection to fire, you will not be surprised to hear that we did have a large fire outside the chapel as part of the celebration in lighting the Pascal candle. (more…)

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Preparing the Upper Room…

… and the gardens, and the Chapel, and the kitchen, and just about everywhere!

We are all moving with a mission today to complete the last minute preparations before we enter into the Holy Triduum. I would love to have more time to give a detailed description of all the activity that is going on here at our Mother House, but, you see, there is just so much activity going on! (more…)

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

"You are Church and you are with God!"

Yesterday, six of us enjoyed the special privilege of visiting the Getty Museum here in Los Angeles. What a grace filled day admiring all the various forms of art work from paintings to sculptures to photography! Each of us had her favorite, but there is one incident I thought would be great for the blog.

Wednesday is a great day to visit popular tourist places because tourist seem to be out in lesser numbers then. However, every once in a while you run into another group of people: field trips. Lets just say that the median age at the Getty yesterday was probably somewhere around 15, even taking into consideration the many senior citizens that were there. (more…)

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