Out of the Mouths of Babes

"You are Church and you are with God!"

Yesterday, six of us enjoyed the special privilege of visiting the Getty Museum here in Los Angeles. What a grace filled day admiring all the various forms of art work from paintings to sculptures to photography! Each of us had her favorite, but there is one incident I thought would be great for the blog.

Wednesday is a great day to visit popular tourist places because tourist seem to be out in lesser numbers then. However, every once in a while you run into another group of people: field trips. Lets just say that the median age at the Getty yesterday was probably somewhere around 15, even taking into consideration the many senior citizens that were there.

So it was no surprise when we walked into a gallery to find a class of children being instructed in art appreciation. There was one group that did surprise us, or rather one little six year old boy.

Dressed as we are, we tend to make a bit of an impression where ever we go. And we hear everything from, “Mommy, what are they?” to “Look! It’s God’s wife!” Out of the mouth of babes wisdom often pours forth and yesterday was a prime example.

“You are Church!” The innocence and sincerity in his voice seemed to underline the profound truth he spoke. Others might have wanted to correct him that these women work for the Church, but the reality is what he said is at the essence of who we are. The Second Vatican Council declared that religious life is integral to the life of the Church. I am sure this little fellow had not read any of the documents from the Council, I am not sure if he even knows how to read yet. But looking at us touched something inside him, and he knew.

“And you are with God!” How is it that I spend so much time in the Chapel praying, so much time reading spiritual books, so much time striving to grow in my relationship with God, and here within seconds this little unassuming child perceives a truth I can so often over look?

Yes, there amidst Monet and Rembrandt, admiring the many exquisite works of human hands, we were with God.

And now we are back in our places of service, typing, answering phones, preparing for retreats, always with God.

Thanks, little fellow, for the simple yet profound reminder of what we are all about, we are Church and we are with God!

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. always admired the carmelites..so touching..

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  4. What a beautiful post! Children are pure in spirit – they call it as they see it…without filters on their eyes!

  5. Bless you, Sister! Bless you ALL! Thank you for what you do!

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