Preparing the Upper Room…

… and the gardens, and the Chapel, and the kitchen, and just about everywhere!

We are all moving with a mission today to complete the last minute preparations before we enter into the Holy Triduum. I would love to have more time to give a detailed description of all the activity that is going on here at our Mother House, but, you see, there is just so much activity going on!

It’s not crazy or hectic. Rather there is a certain zeal about our preparations. I guess you could explain it that the outside is indicative of what is happening in our interior.

The baking bread, roasting lamb, and simmering mint jelly could be seen as something like the hidden acts of charity, sacrifice, and silent prayers we are offering to nourish souls near and far. May there be a feast so bountiful that no heart will be hungry.

The candles, flowers, olive branches, silk and velvet we are using to make our Altar of Repose reflects the preparations we are making to receive Jesus as He gives Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist tonight. May we be prepared to watch and pray with Him as He enters His Passion.

The weeding, watering and planting in the gardens is so like the work being done in our souls by the Master Gardener. We will soon celebrate His death and burial in the earth He created. May He enter deeply into our hearts, which He has purified by our Lenten penances, and blossom forth in joy and good works for His Kingdom.

May these days be truly blessed for you and may Easter bring you a renewed share in the very Life of Christ!

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