World Youth Day Reflections – 8/20/2011

The United States Bishops ushered in the preparations for the evening’s vigil with the Holy Father with Mass at “Palacio de Deportes.” Sisters from CMSWR communities directed the English speaking pilgrims to the respective seating areas while bishops and priests from all over the United States greeted and thanked the Sisters for the gift of their life and consecrations. We assured them of our prayers, and they responded that this is a source of ongoing support to them and to the priesthood. (more…)

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World Youth Day Reflections – 8/19/2011

Pope Benedict XVI Audience with young religious:

The Sisters boarded the bus at 5:00am to await entry into El Escorial for their audience with Pope Benedict XVI scheduled to take place at 11:30am. We arrived a little before 6:00am and were the only ones their at that time. We were permitted to wait at the entrance, and were the first ones through the threshold as soon as the pilgrims were allowed admittance. This was at about 9am. We stood for several hours awaiting the arrival of His Holiness. It was well worth it. (more…)

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World Youth Day Reflections – 8/18/2011

Feastday of the Blessed Mannes, O.P. (brother of St. Dominic). Many of the Sisters spent the day at the Palacio de Deportes where they volunteered for several hours, greeting pilgrims as they arrived for Mass and the various events being hosted. some of these included catechesis sessions, praise and worship, and Eucharistic Adoration throughout the day. The “Vocations Cafe” has been highly visited through the days, and it has been impressive to see many different priests and religious from within the United States as well as from various countries. (more…)

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World Youth Day Reflections – 8/17/2011

Many of the sisters volunteered with the Sisters of Life and the Knights of Columbus at the Palacio de Deportes.  This is the main English Speaking site at WYD Madrid.  Catechesis sessions and confessions encompassed most of the morning.  El Parque del Buen Retiro hosted a Vocation fair attended by religious communities from around the world. Thousands of Pilgrims participated. A seemingly endless row of confessionals were set up along the center of the park. Thousands of pilgrims availed themselves of this opportunity to encounter God’s mercy in the sacrament.

Click here for a slideshow of pictures taken at World Youth Day

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World Youth Day – 8/16/2011

The Sisters drove into the city of Madrid in the morning of August 16th. Some assisted at the Love and Life Center for English speaking Youth. Australian youth were ushered in by the Sisters who welcome them to the day’s events. Sisters from the various communities took the opportunity for prayer in the ancient churches of Madrid. Confessions were offered in the Parque de Retiro. Hundreds of pilgrims participated. (more…)

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World Youth Day – 8/15/2011

On August 15th, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Sisters enjoyed a day of rest, celebration and exploration. A number of Sisters took part in the annual procession of La Virgen de la Espina – the Patroness of Los Molinos, Spain. Townspeople dressed in local garb gathered in front of the façade of the convent where they sang hymns to our Lady before processing to her grotto located on the side of the mountain.

Afterwards some of the Sisters rode into the city of Madrid to scout the area and plan the travel routes for the Sisters to participate in the World Youth events. During their day they met young pilgrims from around the world. Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB – the CEO of Salt and Light Productions from Canada met with our Sisters at the Love and Life Center for the English speaking pilgrims. (more…)

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WYD – 8/14/2011

Young Sisters representing communities of the CMSWR from across the  United States arrived safely in Madrid for the 2011 World Youth Day events. The three ports of departure – Chicago, Miami and New York were a sight to behold as young people from across the country converged for their departure for the event. The Sisters were greeted by numerous young Catholics enthusiastically anticipating the event.


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