Good Things Come in Sevens

Seven days in a week, seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, seven colors in the rainbow. Yes, seven is a perfect number. And now we have been blessed with seven Aspirants.

So what’s an aspirant? Exactly what it sounds like! Or rather what she sounds like. Still not clear? Let me explain.

About a year or so ago seven young women began their journey to Carmel. They left their families and moved to Duarte, California. They prayed with us, worked with us, and began to learn our life. But they kept their own cars, their i-pods, phones, and wardrobes. We call this initial stage Candidacy and so they were called Candidates. After 365 days (more or less) of waking up at 4:45 a.m. and many other rather-challenging-Carmelite-things, they have been approved to enter Carmel. (more…)

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