World Youth Day Reflections – 8/20/2011

The United States Bishops ushered in the preparations for the evening’s vigil with the Holy Father with Mass at “Palacio de Deportes.” Sisters from CMSWR communities directed the English speaking pilgrims to the respective seating areas while bishops and priests from all over the United States greeted and thanked the Sisters for the gift of their life and consecrations. We assured them of our prayers, and they responded that this is a source of ongoing support to them and to the priesthood. (more…)

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World Youth Day Reflections – 8/19/2011

Pope Benedict XVI Audience with young religious:

The Sisters boarded the bus at 5:00am to await entry into El Escorial for their audience with Pope Benedict XVI scheduled to take place at 11:30am. We arrived a little before 6:00am and were the only ones their at that time. We were permitted to wait at the entrance, and were the first ones through the threshold as soon as the pilgrims were allowed admittance. This was at about 9am. We stood for several hours awaiting the arrival of His Holiness. It was well worth it. (more…)

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World Youth Day Reflections – 8/18/2011

Feastday of the Blessed Mannes, O.P. (brother of St. Dominic). Many of the Sisters spent the day at the Palacio de Deportes where they volunteered for several hours, greeting pilgrims as they arrived for Mass and the various events being hosted. some of these included catechesis sessions, praise and worship, and Eucharistic Adoration throughout the day. The “Vocations Cafe” has been highly visited through the days, and it has been impressive to see many different priests and religious from within the United States as well as from various countries. (more…)

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WYD – 8/14/2011

Young Sisters representing communities of the CMSWR from across the  United States arrived safely in Madrid for the 2011 World Youth Day events. The three ports of departure – Chicago, Miami and New York were a sight to behold as young people from across the country converged for their departure for the event. The Sisters were greeted by numerous young Catholics enthusiastically anticipating the event.


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A Survey


Let’s do a quick survey.

Raise your hand if you knew that the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles print a magazine twice each year? Go ahead, raise them high so I can see. Hmm, all right.

Next question. Raise your hand if you have read an issue. You there, are you raising your hand or scratching your chin? Very good, I see. Thank you.

Now please raise your hand if you renewed your subscription. What?!?! You forgot to renew?!?!

(Sigh) That’s all right. It is not too late. The next issue is going to press in the next week or so, and there is still time. Just subscribe through our website ( and you won’t miss out on anything. The magazine is written, photographed, and edited by our own sisters and a few volunteers. The only thing we don’t do ourselves is print it (yet). So even if we get a bit behind with the blog, you can have the magazine on hand to get your Carmelite fix.

Ready for the next question?

Please raise your hand if you knew that we also just started an e-newsletter? Hmm, very telling. We need to get the word out a bit more.

If you’ve been enjoying the updates on the blog and website, you are going to be thrilled with the e-newsletter. All you have to do is let us know through the website and we will deliver it right to your in-box. Even better than door-to-door service!

Well, that’s all the questions for this survey. Thanks to all who participated! And for those of you who just read through and did not raise your hands, we’ll give you a chance again sometime.

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Humility 101

It was about 9:45pm last Sunday and I was looking forward to some quiet reading & prayer in my cell before retiring for the night.  Monday was going to start a very busy week, so this was the calm before the storm.

Then there was a gentle knock at the cell door. I opened it to see Sister Julianna standing there with a note in her hand. We had already prayed Compline (Night Prayer) and so were in what we call “Grand Silence” when whatever needs communicated is done in writing. (more…)

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What happend to St. Teresa of Jesus?!?!

If I knew how to type in red font, I would. That way you would know how embarased I am that we did not get a post up for the feast of our Holy Mother St. Teresa yesterday. But she is the one who said, “God is found among the pots and pans” which is exactly where you would have found me yesterday. God willing, we’ll get something up this afternoon/evening, but that all depends if we have any more pipes start to leak (like this morning) or people get sick (like yesterday).

So the moral of the story is, stay tuned!

God reward you for your patience!!!

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Welcome to our new blog home!

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With One Voice

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Reflections on Receiving the Holy Habit

By: Sister Mary Louise, O.C.D.

Wedding dresses, graduation gowns, first communion clothing, prom gowns, these are all familiar these types of clothing as are the special celebrations for which they are worn. They help mark significant moments in life. Worn for a few hours, they are then packed away as precious reminders of an event that has passed. Last Sunday, March 16, three young women were clothed in beautiful garments as a way of marking a certain moment in their lives. The difference was that after a few hours these “gowns” were not packed away. But early Monday morning the young women again put them on.. and again Tuesday morning… and Wednesday…and they will continue to wear them for the rest of their lives. This is because we are not talking about satin and silk but the holy habit of Carmel.

What is the significance of the clothing that we as Carmelites wear? What does it mean to be clothed in the garment of our Immaculate Mother? The answer was clear in the Sacred Heart Chapel on Palm Sunday: conversion. But it wasn’t so much that a message was preached, as that a conviction shared in a radical way by each sister was expressed verbally. It was a tangible experience of the presence of sisters who have persevered to the end in the life long struggle of conversion, of sisters with whom we have made it through another day, as well as sisters with arms outstretched eager to begin a life of continual striving for the perfection of charity. They have been approved to make their first vows and in a few months they will commit themselves to our way of life. Now their outward appearance matches the interior reality. Because as we greeted and congratulated the three brides-to-be, the radiant smiles on their faces bore witness to the treasure we have in our community: union in Christ. It was truly their special day, but I think each of us and all of us together took yet one more step closer to our Divine Bridegroom, led by the guiding hand of His Mother, the Queen and Beauty of Carmel. We congratulate Sister Maralisa, Sister Julianna, and Sister Marie Rachel. We congratulate you and we love you, our dear sisters!

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